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The company started with the association of automation experts for the food and pharmaceutical industry The team has over 50 man years of experience in automation applicationsThe team is completely capable of the line integration automation and fool-proof packaging line validation systems. From software & hardware products to fully integrated solutions & services, IAS works with it’s customers to solve the real problems in manufacturing, process, packaging and R&D. IAS solutions are developed to meet the requirements of FDA regulated industries such as Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology. All solutions include support to 21CFR Part11 electronic records and signatures


Complete Vision Systems

Package Integrity Control

The system is dedicated for verification of ampoules, vials, syringesfor their correctness in blisters. The system also can check the rings on ampoules, Vials caps, and label presence on the products.Can reliably check the presence of components in a syringes.


Print Quality Control

Smart VisionCAM can check for Printed text & barcode with thesame camera. Can check Continuous or Ink jet prints on any background. Reliable algorithm checks for similarity, Area, Shapeand Skeleton parameters.


Total Layout Control

The system can check the complete foil with various text, logo and code windows. High Resolution B/W LineScan GigE Camera 2048 pixel is able to verify a printing area of 150mm, with a resolution of 0,073 mm/pixel (13,7 pixel/mm) at a maximum speed of 15 mt/min.


Barcode Reader

Smart VisionCAM can detect all types of 1D & 2D codes with the speeds upto 1000/min. Can work with all backgrounds including Aluminium foils. This is a compact system with built-in lighting.


Blister Filling Control

The smart & most compact system can check empty pockets, broken products with unique Area, Perimeter, Shape, Length and Width parameters. Can check black spots and color mismatches, Can work reliably with white on white products with top lighting, Can work with tablets, capsules, tabsulessoftgelatines, bilayer tabs. Works with all packaging materials.


Antares Foreign Checker

On-line inspection system designed to prevent cross-contamination and detect product defects during the phase of bottles filling with tablets and capsules. Checks for mixed-up products,colour correctness,shape,geometry (area, contour, major/minor axis),cracks and breaks.


Vision Accessories

TIJ Printers

Our Works

Leaflet GUK Bottom
Leaflet GUK Top
Prefolder Leaflet
Carton Flap OCV/R
Barcode on Foil
Datamatrix on Carton
Prefolded Leaflet Front
OCR Carton
BFC Color
TLC on Foil


Globally accepted solutions with over 7000 systems installed in 32 countries.
All our Vision System are smart systems > completely independent of the Controller/Panel PCs. They are completely accessible for remote assistance.
The main controller can talk to any number of smart systems on Antares architecture so practically one system can talk to as many as 16 camera systems without compomising the speeds
We claim to be having the most compact systems available in the market. Smart camera and Panel PC make the complete system!
Our systems are operational at very high speeds of even upto 1000 per minute! Visiocorp can completely extend their support to the process of URS>DQ>1Q>0Q>PQ validation cycles.All the Vision Systems are compatible with 21CFR part11 FDA regulations. All our Vision Systems and logics carry fail safe feature to avoid any faulty product to the packaging process, Additionaly they can also be fitted with the rejection verification sensors.
Visiocorp: has a perfect track record on retro-fitment of the Vision Systems on any machine & has completed over 200 successful installations on various machines. Visiocorp has also been successful in the impletementation of the projects in minimal time. Typically, the time taken for any installation like Bar code reading system. Print quality control, Blister filling control has taken maximum of a day to put back the machine in production schedules.
We also support on Vision Systems for customised application.

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